Monday, July 23, 2012

Entrepreneur vs. Founder

The word entrepreneur has its origin as a French word meaning to undertake a task.  Surprisingly, the French are credited with inventing many transportation related items: the first documented taxi, scooter, hot air balloon, bicycle, and many more in a time when things like that never existed before.

Currently the term entrepreneur is loosely coined.  Entrepreneurs are kids with their own lemonade stand at the corner to those who build successful companies off an idea on a piece of napkin into a public company with a billion dollar valuation.  VC Fred Wilson says an entrepreneur is a personality disorder you are born with.

There is a new term emerging in America, in Silicon Valley, that differentiates entrepreneurs to those who additionally recognize patterns and opportunities, those who have the intelligence, commitment and work ethics, those who are willing to make sacrifices and take calculated risks, and those who are passionate and visionary on an idea enough to execute, disrupt, and make a difference to the lives of millions of people.  These people a rare, we need them, and they are leaders and game changes who boldly venture into an unknown and untested business models.  Steve Blank refers to these entrepreneurs as those individuals searching for a profitable and scalable business model.  I call these individuals and companies Founders at Founder Institute.

Founder Institute helped me redefined my definition of an entrepreneur and instead, be a Founder.  Not many entrepreneurs are given more than one or two opportunities in their lifetime to build a meaningful business as costly mistakes, tunnel vision, and lack of knowledge can end an idea or opportunity that would have helped millions.  Founder Institute helped me validate and refined my idea.  I’ve made costly mistakes in the past when I was an entrepreneur and not a Founder.  Now that I’m a Founder, I have the proper education and training along with the tools, network, and confidence to compete, win and succeed in all my future endeavors.

I would like to thank Founder Institute for helping me recognize myself as a true Founder & Entrepreneur along with a burning passion (French) for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity during this Internet Revolution.

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